Any researcher who desires to do research involving USIU faculty, staff, students, property or other related items must first seek permission through the office of Research and Program Development (RAPD) through formal application.

Step 1: Application

The researcher sends a soft copy:

Application letter

  • Government Approval
  • Proposal
  • Questionnaire

Step 2: Review of the proposal

The Associate DVC AA Research will then review the proposal and the questionnaire to ensure there is no identifying information i.e. a participants name, age, department or area of specialization. Each research will be required to abide by the Institutional Research Board (IRB) requirements.

Step 3: Clearance & Approval

Upon approval and clearance, the researcher will be responsible for:

  • Abiding by all USIU code of conduct, parking rules and security rules including wearing of the visitors badge at all times while on campus.
  • Hiring priority to USIU students or other personnel where necessary to carry the research.
  • Liable for any damages by researcher or assistants.
  • Signing an agreement letter before commencing the research. The researcher and research assistants will need to carry a copy of the letter with them all the time they are on campus as evidence of authorization should it be required.

Step 4: Period of Research

The researcher’s approval period is strictly one semester.

Step 5: Final Report

USIU has the right to refuse any research activity that would potentially damage its image and reserves the right to review the findings before they are made public.

This procedure will take a minimum of one and a maximum of two weeks.

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18 February 2019