Countdown to WSCUC Reaffirmation of Accreditation Site Visit

The WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission is sending a team to inspect USIU- Africa’s systems for re-affirmation of accreditation, from September 18- 20 2018. In this article, Accreditation Liaison Officer Prof. Angelina Kioko explains what accreditation means.

USIU-Africa is dually accredited by two accrediting commissions: Commission for University Education (CUE) and WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission (WSCUC).This means that our systems and quality are inspected and guaranteed by both bodies.

WSCUC is an acronym which stands for WASC Senior College and University Commission.  It is one of six regional associations that accredits colleges, and universities in the United States. It is recognized by the Department of Education of the U.S. federal government, and is in fact one of the most prestigious commissions in the North American continent.

USIU Africa Library
The USIU-Africa Library & Information Center made it to the top five finalists of the iFLA Green Library Awards 2018. PHOTO: DAN MUCHAI

By Ernest Anguru

The USIU-Africa Library and Information Center has been named among the top five finalists in the IFLA Green Library Awards 2018, which will be presented at the World Library and Information Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Monday, August 27 2018.

The award seeks to reward the best Green Library submission that communicates a library’s commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as creating awareness of libraries’ social responsibility and leadership in environmental education.

USIU-Africa was recognized for its “Garden in the Library” where trees and plants exist in a garden environment that provides fresh air for library users and staff. Additionally, the Library was also commended for using its roof to harvest rainwater that is then used to water the garden thus providing an ecofriendly method of sustaining the garden.

Aga Khan Partnership MoU Signing 20072018 46 2
The Vice Chancellor poses with the senior USIU-Africa and Aga Khan University officials following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and USIU-Africa on Friday, July 20. From left: Ms. Helen Ambasa (Director, Legal Services / Company Secretary), Dr. Carl Amrhein ( Provost & Vice President, Academic), Prof. Robert Armstrong (Foundation Dean, Medical College, East Africa) Dr. Kweku Bentil (V ice Provost- East Africa), Prof. Paul Zeleza (Vice Chancellor), Mr. Shawn Bolouki (CEO, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi), Prof. Njeri Wamae (Dean, School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences) and Dr. Munyendo Lincoln (Chair, Department of Analytical and Industrial Pharmacy). PHOTO: DIANA MESO

By Dan Muchai

On Friday, July 20, USIU-Africa signed a Memorandum of understanding with the Aga Khan University for the promotion and expansion of collaborative research and grant-writing.

The agreement provides for Bachelor of Pharmacy industrial attachments at Aga Khan University Hospital, while on its part USIU-Africa will provide locum positions for nurses and phamarcy technicians at USIU-Africa.

The agreement also extends a March 2018 initiative between the two institutions, whereby Aga Khan University Hospital agreed to enable students undertaking the Bachelor of Pharmacy participate in an on-site training program at the hospital.

This arrangement would enhance the students’ theoretical knowledge and clinical skills, expose them to the diverse roles that pharmacists play in an actual hospital setting, and familiarise them with international benchmarks in relation to clinical skills, quality, and ethical practices.

Prof. Otieno guides the SUS1010 Class through principles of design thinking
Prof. Otieno guides the SUS1010 Class through principles of design thinking. PHOTO: PHILIP MACHOKA

By Philip Machoka and Dan Muchai

Prof. Onesimus Otieno, Professor of Biological Sciences at Oakwood University, was a guest lecturer at Mr. Philip Machoka’s SUS1010 Strategies for Success class, on the topic of critical thinking.

Prof. Otieno, was awarded a Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship, in June 2018 to assist in the development of active learning tools for a graduate program’s online learning environment at Adventist University of Africa.

Before he guided his audience on how to use a critical thinking tool, Prof. Otieno explained that the best thinkers “think about their thinking’ do not take thinking for granted, and do not trust fate to make them good in thinking. He also added that the best thinkers notice their thinking, reflect and act upon it. 

Mr Miss Life 12072018 0337
Finalists during the Mr & Miss Life contest prepare to answer questions posed by the judges on Thursday, July 12, at the auditorium. PHOTO:ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Charlene Wamwea & Antonio Longangi

As part of the activities of the Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Week, the Counseling Center crowned the USIU-Africa behaviour change ambassadors Mr.  & Miss Life at the conclusion of a beauty pageant final held on Thursday, July 12 at the auditorium.

Hosted under the theme “Your Future, Your Responsibility,” the pageant sort to identify and engage students who will take lead in behaviour change campaigns and communication among their peers on matters regarding sexuality, HIV & AIDS, drug abuse and life skills.

A total of 9 students took to the runaway to creatively display positive messages linked to the theme, as assessed by  a judging panel consisting of Dr. Oscar Githua (Assistant Professor of Psychology), Miss Hamida Ahmed (Doctor of Psychology student, Psychologist & Trainer) and Mr. Andrew Opere (Former Chairperson - Peer Educators and Counseling Club).

Employee Training Series MFT 22062018 51
Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Michelle Karume conducts a training session for faculty and staff, during the Employee Training Series: Marriage and Family Therapy workshop held from June 22 to July 13, 2018. PHOTO: DAN MUCHAI

By Ernest Anguru

The Department of Human Resources in collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology Department, launched the Employee Training Series: Marriage & Family Therapy on Friday, June 22.

The four week long training led by Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Michelle Karume, aimed at helping employees navigate through marriage and family challenges, and how they intersect with the workplace and classroom.

The series is a pilot initiative to educate staff and faculty, on new academic programs, as well as as aid in their self-development.

 Dr. Karume guided employees through such emergent topics as; What is Marriage and Family Therapy; Dealing with Millennials in the Work Place; When family stress interferes with your work; and Cross Cultural Issues & Mental Health in the Work Place.

Following the overwhelming interest in the program, Human Resources is planning on expanding the series to become a regular training program for all University employees.

SPHS Internal Grant Studies 11072018 01
From left: Josephat Mosweta (Lab Technologist), Joseph Wendotti (Forest Path Guide), Lincoln Munyendo (Assistant Professor of Pharmacy), Dickens Ondigo (Lab Technologist), Lucy Wangui (Parataonomist) and Everlyne Chepsergin (Community Assistant) PHOTO: KEVIN ODHIAMBO

By Dr. Lincoln Were

Researchers from the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Dr. Lincoln Were (Principal Investigator), Dr. Apollo Maima, Mr. Kevin Odhiambo, Mr. Josephat Mosweta and Mr. Dickens Ondigo are carrying out “Studies of phytochemicals gold nanoparticles ointments/creams for management of Sarcoptes scabiei and associated bacterial infections”.

The team traversed Baringo County on a recent field trip to collect samples of selected medicinal plants for lab analysis, to avail remedies for bacterial infection related to scabies. A second team comprising Dr. Edith Amuhaya (Principal Investigator), Dr. Naumih Noah, Dr. Betty Mbatia and Mr. Eugene Otoo are also working on “Development of Protoactive Materials for Water Decontamination”.

Performance Management Champions 08062018 33
Ms. Ruth Kyengo (Manager, People & Change, KPMG) describes features of the new Performance Management System to participants (Champions) during their first training session, on Friday, June 8 at the Chandaria School of Business. PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Yusuf Saleh & Ernest Anguru

A training workshop for the Performance Management System Champions was held on Friday, June 8 at the Chandaria School of Business. The champions were nominated by their respective divisions to assist in the adoption of a new performance management framework by supporting the implementation and entrenching of the process.

To enable the university achieve its goals and aspirations in a sector that is becoming increasingly dynamic, the department of Human Resources will be launching a new Performance Management System (PMS) for all University employees.

This is part of the implementation of USIU-Africa’s five year strategic plan which provides for a new performance management framework that promotes service excellence in all areas of operation and supports each employee in effective delivery of their respective role.

Guest Lecture Global Business Management 18062018 39 1
Mr. Isaac Awuondo, Group Managing Director - Commercial Bank of Africa speaks to members of the MBA (Global Business Management) class taught by Dr. Caren Ouma (Assistant Professor of Management) on Monday, June 18. PHOTO:DAN MUCHAI

By Diana Meso

On Monday, June 18, Mr. Isaac Awuondo, Group Managing Director of Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) was invited by Dr. Caren Ouma (Assistant Professor of Management), to speak to the Summer Semester MBA (Global Business Management) at the Library Bookshop, on strategies to be used by transformational leaders to handle ethical dilemmas in corporate business.

Mr. Awuondo began his discussion by explaining how ethics and leadership intertwine in the corporate world, describing how cost, conflicting values, limited opportunities and other factors contribute to ethical dilemmas in corporate business.

Giving a case study of the Ford Pinto Case in 1970’s; where in an effort to produce a stylish but affordable sub-compact Ford automobile with a low operating cost, consumer affordability and style took precedence over safety in the production of the  gas tank. Mr. Awuondo explained why a transformative leader should think about the outcomes of their decisions, remain committed to those decisions and their values, as well as societal values.

He concluded by giving the participants a framework that they can use when faced with ethical dilemmas. Such a framework, he said, should enable a decision to provide a satisfactory outcome without sacrificing ethical values.

Personality Profiling Roadmap Great Minds Challenge 02072018 056
Ms. Susan Wamae, a trainer with Allied Resource Partners Limited,guides students working for the Incubation and Innovation Center through exercises to improve their team dynamics. PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Antonio Longangi

Students working at the Incubation and Innovation Center joined the organizers of the Great Minds Challenge for a personality road map training on Monday, July 2 at the Freida Brown Student Center. The training aimed at introducing student innovators and entrepreneurs to a system of behavioral profiling that improves team dynamic and interpersonal interactions.

“We believe self-awareness can tremendously improve the quality of work done by individuals and groups here at the Incubation and Innovation Center” said Mr. Peter Kinyanjui (IBA Senior) and co-founder of the Great Minds Challenge.

Facilitated by affiliated trainers from Clarity 4D, an international personality profiling company, the exercise was centered on the personality classification based on a test that compiles a set of statements unique to an individual.