By Ernest Mwanzi

The much awaited Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), which comes with a new performance management system was launched by the Human Resources department on Monday, January 21, 2019. With this system, USIU-Africa’s five year strategic plan which provides for a new performance management framework that promotes service excellence in all areas of operation and supports each employee in effective delivery of their respective role is now a reality.

The new HRMIS will ensure consistency in supervision and build coaching capability among employees. On the other hand, line managers will gain the capability to view performance across the board and encourage on-going feedback.

The system is designed to offer real time excellent and efficient data management, employee appointment details, tracking of employee performance, standardized procedures and improved workflow processes, thereby enhancing engagement between employees and their supervisors. Some of the salient features that comes with new system is access to monthly pay related records like pay slips and KRA Income Tax reports by a click of a button. This HRMIS is expected to offer a one stop shop for access of data and general information that supervisors and management would require for making future plans and other holistic business decisions.

A team of about 40 performance management champions have been fully trained to assist in the adoption of the new performance management framework for all employees by supporting the implementation and entrenching of the process. All employees can access the system same way as the old system and login in with the normal USIU-Africa login credentials.

Employees are encouraged to report any system hitches to the ICT department through extensions 191 /333 alternatively the HR Department on 257/260/406/597.