Dear USIU-Africa Students,

The Management Board hopes you have had a restful holiday and are ready to start classes on Monday, 7th January 2019. It has come to our attention that some claims are circulating about changes to Billing and Debtors Management Policy and policy on Add and Drop Charges. We would like to clarify that these claims are false. It is important that as a learning community we abide by the highest standards of factual accuracy to ensure the well being, reputation and success of our beloved and exceptional University.

Billing and Debtors Management Policy

Tuition and fees are set for each academic year in that year’s budget as approved by the University Council in July following a consultative process that lasts several months. No changes are made during the course of the academic year. Therefore, it is not correct to say tuition and fees were increased for the Spring Semester.

Also, it has always been University policy that tuition and fees are due for payment on or before the first day of every semester. Financial clearance to attend classes and access university facilities upon full payment of tuition and fees or payment of installments for students on the approved payment plan has always been University policy.

Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to sign a payment plan in the event they are unable to clear their tuition and fees in one installment. Whereas some students do sign up for deferred payment, some ignore it and continue to attend classes.

Add and Drop Charges

There has been no policy change for add and drop charges. This policy has always been enforced by the University and the charges are the same as those in previous years and this is clearly indicated in the University Catalogue, in the academic calendar printed and shared on our website…/…/Academic_Calendar_-_2018-2019.pdf and is also shared with all new students and parents during orientation.

The rationale behind add and drop charges is that students are given full control to choose their classes as per the guidelines set out in the University Catalogue for each academic year, and once courses are chosen by students each School begins to prepare the necessary learning materials including library books, program licences, lab materials, as well as allocating faculty and so on. It is also important to note that once students register, they fill up slots for other students who would like to take up the same classes.

Importance of Compliance:

In conclusion, there has been no policy change on tuition and fees. Current policy was established a long time ago. University policy on tuition and fees, and the approved charges for the academic year, are shared with each cohort of new students and their parents or guardians during orientation. Thus, while the policy on tuition and fees is not new, it is important that we periodically emphasize the need for compliance.

Clearly, non-payment of tuition and fees negatively affects University finances and does not support effective service delivery planning. USIU-Africa does not receive funding to manage its operations from either the Government or any other organization.

Let us continue working together in a fiscally responsible manner so that USIU-Africa is the best university in the region in offering high quality services and education to its students.

Please feel free to reach out to the Student Affairs Office or the Finance Office for any further clarification on this matter.

Wishing all of you a pleasant and productive New Year.

Best regards,

The Management Board