International Relations Study Tour Kigali Rwandese Senate 15112018 01
International Relations students and faculty pose for a group photo with Senators at the Upper Chambers of the Rwandese Senate, during a field study tour of Rwanda on Thursday, November 15, 2018. PHOTO: DAN ODABA

International Relations
Lecturer Mr. Dan Odaba recently conducted two Field Study classes of International Relations seniors, to Uganda and Rwanda respectively.

The first group of 33 students, which was accompanied by Assistant Professor of International Relations Dr. Njoki Wamai, travelled from October 26 to November 4,  while the second group of 48 students successfully toured the region from November 9 through to 18, accompanied by Assistant Professor of International Relations Dr. Mercy Kaburu.
The Field Study class aims to transition International Relations students whose concentrations are drawn from Peace and Conflict Studies, Development Studies as well as Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, from  academic to the professional field research environment of systematic gathering of data and information, and its analysis for advancement of practical knowledge and skills.

Among the venues the groups toured in Rwanda included; the Kenyan Embassy, the Gisozi Genocide Memorial; The National Unity and Reconciliation Commission; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Never Again Rwanda; Rwanda Development Board; Presidential Palace Museum; Ministry of Youth (Youth Connekt) and finally the Upper Chambers of the Rwandese Senate.

In Uganda, the students visited the Buganda Kingdom’s Parliament and the King`s Palace in Kampala.