By Dan Muchai

USIU-Africa has partnered with several organizations to host a conference on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) from November 21-22, supported by the Ministry of Education’s State Department of Vocational and Technical Training (TVET).

Together with Linking Industry With Academia (LIWA), Cresco Skills Development (CRESCO) and Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE), USIU-Africa  will seek provide an effective approach to implemention of Work Integrated Learning and in the process, improve student employability aligned to the needs of industry and East Africa's development plans.

Work Integrated Learning refers to a combination of academic and work-based activities such as placements, internships and work experience, which provide a practical application of what is learned in the classroom.

The two-day conference is expected to lead to the development of an effective approach in implementing the cooperative and work-integrated learning in Kenya and the East African region, and in the process improve student employability.

The conference will also include the sharing of WIL best practice, a number of research papers, receive input from employers and educational institutions, and finally produce a high-level draft framework for implementation of Cooperative and Work Integrated Education.