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Moderator: Dr. Maina Muchara (Assistant Professor of Strategic Management)

11:00 am                   Call to Order 

                                Tut Marial Wenyin (Head of Hospitality, Black History Month Committee)

                                Kenyan National Anthem

                                American National Anthem

                                Black National Anthem

                                USIU-Africa Alma Mater

11:10 am              Welcome Remarks

                            Dashanaba E. King

                           (Assistant Professor of Management & Patron – Black History Month Committee)

11:20 am              Introduction of the panelists  

                                Dr. Maina Muchara (Assistant Professor of Strategic Management)

11:25 am              FIRST PRESENTATION – “African Education in History”

                                Prof. Macharia Munene (Professor of History and International Relations)

11:40 am              SECOND PRESENTATION – “The Role of Education in Shaping Culture and Identity.”

                                Dr. Mari Nelson (Lecturer, University of Nairobi)

11:55 am              THIRD PRESENTATION – “The Place of Human Rights in Formal Education”

                                Ms. Muthoni Wanyeki (Regional Director - Amnesty International in East Africa).

12:00 pm              FOURTH PRESENTATION – “Questioning the Appropriateness of Legal Research in Kenya”                            Dr. Duncan Ojwang (Law Lecturer – University of Nairobi)

12:15 pm              Question & Answer Session

12:40 pm              Remarks by Moderator

12:45 pm              Vote of Thanks

Ms. Iman Murbe (Deputy President - Black History Month Committee)

12:50 pm              Photo session