The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) exists to provide a central information and analysis support center for planning, management, and assessment activities of the university and its community.

Mission, vision and objectives

The vision of the office of Institutional research is to be a one-stop information and data center for the University community: to ensure that the university community has access to useful and reliable information required to facilitate the attainment of its mission.

The mission of the institutional research is to collect, organize, analyze and interpret institutional data to support university decision making, strategic planning and policy formulation.

The objective of the Office of Institutional Research is to promote the use of evidence based research for decision-making towards achieving the mission of the University through accurate, timely, tailored research/surveys to suit the diverse audiences.


The functions of OIR fall into three broad categories:

OIR is the University office most identified with collecting, analyzing, and reporting institutional data pertaining to students, faculty and staff, academic programs, and physical space.

Key activities under this function include:

  • Compiling and distributing institutional statistics on a semester basis through the University’s intranet and on an annual basis in the form of a printed fact book
  • Evaluating selected performance indicators for the University's Strategic Plan.
  • Providing research design and data on enrollment trends, retention, staffing, workload, student-faculty ratio, and diversity.
  • Collect, prepare, and maintain a collection of statistical data, records, and reports.
  • Work with computing services to create database, reports or analyze data, and/or coordinate accuracy of data for internal and external reports.

The OIR conducts studies and gathers information for specific and ad hoc questions. Surveys are conducted to fill in information gaps that exists or to answer specific questions of interest.

The office offers technical support in the survey process.

Specifically the OIR plays a crucial role in the Design of surveys, Design of Questionnaires, Sampling, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Presentation of the Survey Findings and Report Writing.

Key activities under this function include:

  • Conducting University operational research including analytical and descriptive studies and surveys to support administrative decision-making.
  • Consulting with academic and administrative departments for development of surveys and other tools to facilitate reports necessary for WASC accreditation and CHE REPORTS.
  • Coordination of all institutional research activities.

The OIR offers consultancy in research and statistical methods to the university community.

Key activities under this function include:

  • Develop and present staff development training regarding the value of research and methods of interpretation.
  • Offer consultancy in research to the university community.
  • Support academic unit assessment through instrument development, analysis, and interpretation.

Categories of the institutional data

Institutional data falls into 3 major categories: Student Data, Staff/ Faculty Data, General Data

Presentation of Data

Institutional data is presented in form of:

  • Fact Booksproduced annually (e.g. enrollment data, graduation rates, retention rate)
  • Five Year Trends - an analysis of the institutional data over the past five years.
  • Fact Sheet produced every semester (student enrollment summary data, faculty)


  • Management Staff
  • Accrediting bodies: Senior College and University Commission for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Commission for University Education
  • Others - on a request


Contact the Office of Institutional Research

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Telephone: (+254) 730116619

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