Dear USIU-Africa Community,

Our 40th Commencement Ceremony is on Saturday, September 29, 2018. The Security Department would therefore wish to inform you about measures that have been put in place to ensure proper maintenance of peace and order.

Access to the Graduation Yard and Traffic Management

All those issued with Red and Blue Stickers/cards will enter the university through Main Gate (Gate A). These include the Board of Trustees, University Council, Management Board invited guests, faculty, staff on duty and pedestrians (including graduands) who shall have been able to arrive into the university before 7.15am. Those with Red stickers will alight at parking slot “A” exit point. The ushers will direct them to the venue and their vehicles will be parked at parking slot “A”. Those with Blue stickers (some invited guests, faculty and staff), will alight at parking slot “C” exit point and the Auditorium Roundabout area. They will park their vehicles at parking slot “C” the Ushers within that area will direct them accordingly. Please note that parking slot “B” will be reserved for the graduands` lineup and procession to the graduation square hence no one else should park there. The rest of the staff and faculty are encouraged to arrive in campus before 8am  in order to utilize the parking slots around the Science Center and the Library.

All motorists driving into the university will be expected to observe all traffic laws and a speed limit at USIU-Africa of 10KPH. Apart from those bearing Red and Blue stickers, all other motorists (graduands and invited guests holding e-cards) will enter the University through gates “B”, “C”, and “D”. These gates are accessed through Mirema Drive, Lumumba Drive and Northern By-Pass. They will park their Vehicles at the designated parking zones between football and hockey pitches. Kindly do not park your vehicle in the football/hockey pitches.

Security Measures

To enhance our safety and security we expect the following;

  • In addition to the invitation card, anyone entering the university on graduation day MUST have an Identification Card (national ID, Passport, or USIU-Africa ID), for ease of identification. The security personnel will be strict on identification;
  • Lock your vehicle and roll up windows just to keep away opportunistic thieves;
  • Members of staff and faculty to ensure that their office windows and doors are properly locked on Commencement Day;
  • Arrive early on campus to avoid traffic snarl ups that are common during Commencement Day;
  • No vehicle should be left on campus overnight on Friday/Saturday night; a day just before the Commencement Ceremony;
  • All motorists are expected to exit the university through the same points (gates) they used when they were getting into campus;
  • Report any suspicious character on campus by calling 0730116266/466 or to the nearest security personnel;
  • Forward all lost and found items to the security desk at Chandaria School of Business for further necessary action;
  • For more information please look at the map printed behind your invitation cards.

As security department, we are looking forward to your support and cooperation to make this day a success.

NOTICE:  There will be no hawking at the university.