Employee giving campaign sets new records

An Educate Your Own Car Wash exercise in progress at the bus park during the fundraising drive by the students’ initiaitive that began on Thursday, March 21 and will conclude on April 6. PHOTO:DAN MUCHAI

By Christine Kamala

In a first of its kind, University employees were given the opportunity to fundraise for various causes of their choice as part of an annual giving campaign which run from February 25 to March 15 2019. Donors were also offered the opportunity to select the recipients of their donations, such as Research, the Freida Brown Scholarship Fund, Educate Your Own, student academic tours and travel, the Alumni Endowment Fund and any other.

Counting donations and pledges, employees are expected to contribute KES 1.54 million by February 25, 2020 when the campaign officially ends. 31.4% of employees have so far donated to the campaign totaling KES 581,600 from faculty and KES 960,700 from staff.

Of note are the 95 donors who have elected to contribute to the student fundraising initiative known as Educate Your Own, which received donations totaling KES 460,800, thus pointing to the resonance the initiative has had with employees since its inception in 2016.

This campaign underlined the special connection employees feel with the university. Their choose to donate not only sent the message that they believe in USIU-Africa’s mission, but also are willing to support it above and beyond their contractual obligations to the University.

Indeed the Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza in announcing the campaign’s success singled out 5 departments for have registered 100% participation: Fundraising, Institutional Research, Internal Audit, Marketing and Communications, Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

For further information on how to make a gift through this campaign, the fundraising team is available on email (fundraising@usiu.ac.ke) or phone (0730116326/205).

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