Why USIU-Africa? & Partner with PACS



  • Quality is the hallmark of the USIU-Africa programs.

  • Hiring of USIU-Africa graduates assures your organization of quality services.

  • The USIU-Africa student possesses attributes such as professionalism, punctuality, maturity, self-discipline, adaptability and flexibility necessary to excel in the work environment.

WHAT Sets USIU-Africa Students Apart?

  • Multicultural Perspective -The University’s mission includes a strong commitment to providing students with a global understanding and a multicultural perspective.

  • Technologically Savvy -USIU-Africa students are trained to be able to meet technological challenges in the work place.

  • Smart and Well Trained Students -The students are highly motivated and self-driven with an emphasis put on self-confidence and team work. Students through research and group work. Competency in critical, creative and quantitative skills in thinking, writing and speaking are reinforced in the curriculum.

  • Articulate and Equipped to Lead -Through our Student Affairs activities we ensure students have opportunities to enhance leadership ability while participating in sports, club activities, club office bearers and leadership retreats for student leaders

Partner with PACS

At the Placement and Career Services Office (PACS), we are focused on engaging our industry partners in the following areas:

  • Recruitment

  • Mentorship

  • Entrepreneurship training

  • Networking workshops

  • Volunteerism

  • Annual Career Fair

    • Guest speakers

    • Job search strategies

    • Discussion panel on topical issues

    • Networking and etiquette

    • Pre Career Fair

    • Exhibitions


Recruiting is your direct link to reaching students for employment and internship opportunities. We'll find a time that best fits both your schedule and the USIU-Africa academic calendar to allow you to talk and recruit our students.

On Campus

We also invite you to share your expertise with students at career-focused events on campus. This is a customized, extensive recruitment strategy designed to enhance your hiring efforts on campus. This will allow you to communicate information about skills needed in the workplace and different career paths within your company or organization. Participating in an event or workshop on campus helps build your organization’s brand among the students. This individualized plan will allow you to attract and engage the right candidates for your positions. This opportunity will also allow you to share your company's success and why students should work for you, help students understand the skills and abilities that you are seeking help increase student interest in your positions and start one-on-one relationships with students interested in working for your organization.

Resume Collect

We understand that a visit to campus may not always be a possibility for you and thus encourage you to work with the Placement and Career Services office to advertise and collect the CVs for you.

Resume collects have many benefits:

  • We will help advertise your opportunity to our students through a variety of marketing strategies.

  • Students are encouraged to have a resume review and meet with a Career Counselor before making the applications which means that you get polished students who have benefited from one-on-one advising to strengthen their interviewing skills and identify their career interests.

  • We will streamline and email you a bundle of all applications depending on your application deadline.

Scheduling your visit to campus is a simple and easy process.

Get in touch:

Placement and Career Services Office (PACS)
United States International University
Telephone : (254)730 116 779/743 mail: careeroffice@usiu.ac.ke

Annual Career Fair

Our annual Career Fair is an excellent recruiting opportunity, as it exposes you to a wide variety of students, providing additional visibility for your organization. For information on upcoming career fairs, email careeroffice@usiu.ac.ke

On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviews allow you to meet with many USIU-Africa students in one day. We are flexible, allowing for half or full day schedules.
To make your visit as simple as possible:

  • Let us to help you develop and maintain your job or internship posting.

  • Use a venue at PACS as interview rooms.

To schedule please email careeroffice@usiu.ac.ke

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