Partnerships and External Linkages Department

The Partnerships and External Linkages office has the mandate to fulfill the University’s aspirations by building a network of like-minded institutions, organizations, governments and individuals; and partnering with them to achieve the mission of the University.

The Office of Partnerships and External Linkages will work in the following sectors:

  • Partnerships with international organizations and institutions
  • Partnerships with the private sector organizations;
  • Partnerships with the national and county governments;
  • Partnerships with higher education institutions;
  • Partnerships with Civic Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Partnerships with other groups that advance the ideals of USIU-Africa.
  • Partnerships with Embassies and High commissions.

These relations fall under the following areas; but not limited to:

  • Research collaborations
  • Design and implementation of Academic Programs
  • Funding to mitigate institutional challenges
  • Development of practical interventions to advance knowledge and achievement
  • Institutional advancement


Swabra Abdallah
Partnerships & External Linkages Officer
Phone: +254 730 116 154

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