Registration Policies and Procedures

All students must register for courses to be enrolled. Students are responsible for adhering to the registration instructions and information as published in the University catalog and academic calendar. The timetable for registration is posted on the bulletin boards each semester before registration begins. All students whether full or part-time, must satisfy all financial obligations before they are permitted to register.

Students may drop and add courses without financial penalty during the time indicated in the Academic Calendar. If a student has not officially dropped a course or received an approved course withdrawal by the completion of the semester, the instructor must submit a final grade for the student.

Registration Guidelines - Undergraduate

In order to register, students must have clearance from the business office and academic advising for those who are on warning or probation. Students who have been away the previous Semester must seek clearance from the Registrar’s office.

Students must register by:

1. Selecting appropriate courses that:

  • Satisfy your major, Concentration/ minor, or general education requirements.
  • If any courses have prerequisites, make sure they are already satisfied.
  • Placement tests are mandatory. When a passing grade is not attained the requisite remedial classes must be done in the first or second semester to pave way for the registration of higher level classes.
  • Take courses at your appropriate academic level. For example, Freshmen and Sophomores should select courses numbered in the 1000 and 2000 series.

2. Complete your registration before the published deadline each semester to avoid costly late fees.

3. Requests to take course overload must be presented to the academic advisors who will confirm qualification and availability of class space.

Audit course registrations are subject to availability of space.

Registration Guidelines - Graduate Students

  • Graduate students must have clearance from the Business Office in order to register.
  • Graduate students who register for the Thesis/Project course must continuously register until completion.
  • They must select courses numbered in the 5000 and 6000 series or 7000 series for Doctorate.
  • Satisfy major and Concentration requirements
  • If any courses have prerequisites ensure they are already satisfied.

  • Complete registration before the published deadline each semester to avoid costly late fees.
  • Requests to take course overload must be presented to the academic advisors who will confirm qualification and availability of class space.
  • Audit course registrations are subject to availability of space.

Registration /Course Availability

Students register based on class levels, that is, by the number of completed units. Therefore students with higher class standing have higher registration priority with greater course availability; of course they register at their scheduled time. Registration timetable is posted on the USIU - Africa website just before registration begins.

Registration Holds

In order to register, all students must have clearance from the business office and academic advising. Students who have a "hold" placed by one of these offices must make arrangements to remove the hold prior to the scheduled registration period. In the event that a hold is removed later, students are limited only to courses and sections where enrollment availability exists. Removal of a hold does not change the policy that prevents students from registering for closed courses. Other students may have already been closed out of the same courses. The importance of removing holds prior to scheduled registration is critical. Being unable to register for a course could have an impact on one's graduation date.

Dropping and Adding Courses

All students are reminded that they are allowed to change their schedule up to the second week of each semester (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) and only when mitigating circumstances have developed after the initial registration. An instructor's permission does not guarantee entry into courses.

Add/Drop charges of 500 shillings commence in the second week of the semester. Late registration fee of 2000 shillings is assessed on the second day of the second week of the semester.

Withdrawal from a Course

To withdraw from a course after the drop deadline, report to the office of the registrar to obtain a Add/Drop Form. Complete the form, obtain the instructor’s and the respective dean’s signature and deliver it to the office of the registrar. The deadline for withdrawing from a course without penalty is published in the Academic Calendar. Contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as you decide to stop attending. The process of withdrawing is complete when the completed forms are returned to the registrar’s office. Download Drop/Add form:

Auditing Of Courses

Students in good academic standing may audit courses, i.e. register courses for non-credit. Students may register a course as audit, or change from audit to credit, or vice-versa, only during the drop/add period the first week of classes. No academic credit is granted for audited courses, and on successful completion a grade of "AU" (audit) is recorded on the transcript. Auditors must fulfill course requirements except for the final examination.

Student Identification

A valid university ID card is required to use resources such as the computer Labs, the university library, the cafeteria and to attend some university functions.

Obtain a valid ID from the Registrar’s office at Freida Brown student center first floor. ID card is issued for the duration a student is enrolled at the university. On completion of studies the ID must be surrendered whether expired or valid.

Note: A Ksh.2000 replacement fee is charged for lost, damaged or defaced IDs.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for courses and credits they earn, and to monitor courses and credits they need to complete their degrees. They are also required to know and follow university policies and procedures that guide registration and their academic progress. These are available in the university catalog. Students are periodically reminded of these matters by the academic advising office. Students receive a copy of their advising record at their orientation and another if they declare or change a major.

Academic Progress

Students are required to be proactive when selecting courses in consultation with their academic advisors in order to complete their degree requirements. Undergraduate degrees require 120 Units units and above depending on the major. Ensure all requirements for your program are met.

Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from the university must do so officially by applying for clearance and taking an Exit interview. To apply for clearance, visit – Apply for clearance. Kindly indicate student number, full names, graduation level and departure reason.

Download “Exit Survey” form

Leave of Absence

Students who have a valid reason for not registering for the subsequent semester may request a leave of absence by filling leave of absence forms obtained from the Registrar’s office. Normally, a maximum of three semesters (One academic year is granted). The completed form must be submitted NOT later than the 3rd Week of Semester. Students wishing to take longer than an academic year would have to seek readmission on return and comply with the terms and conditions they may find on their return.

Forms may be downloaded filled and all applicable signatures obtained before returning them to the registrar’s office.

Download “Leave of Absence” forms

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