Our Services

  • Personal/Individual Psychological Counseling: One on one counseling
  • Group Counseling where 8 -12 students having a common issue form a group and explore under the facilitation of professional counselors
  • Couple Counseling for those in relationships or marriages
  • Family Therapy & counseling- For family related issues for students as individuals or with their parents
  • Awareness Campaigns: through organizing open days, VCT weeks, drug awareness, mental health and World AIDS day annually.
  • Psycho-education/Life skills development through topical presentation forums, Information, education and communication materials (IEC’s) on notice boards, publications (brochures, posters & flyers), class presentations and e-mails.
  • Free voluntary integrated HIV Testing Services (HTS) accredited by National AIDS Control Council NACC and NASCOP to offer quality services that meet national and international standards
  • Training and supervising Peer Educators and Counselors (PEC): To ensure that the counseling services reach out to all students, the University Counselors Train, Supervise and work with Peer Educators and Counseling Club (PECC) and serve as the patrons of the club.

  • Referral for services needed yet not offered by Counseling Center
    • Psycho-education – information/awareness creation on various life skills/issues through topical presentation forums, Notice Board Campaigns, publications (brochures & flyers), e-mail
    • Orientation: To assist new students adjust better on campus
    • Psychological assessment: Services such as personality tests help with increased self-awareness and plan for satisfying interventions
  • Social Media