SCCCA - Overview and Mission

Mission: To pursue knowledge through creative works, critical and strategic thinking, and innovative teaching; and encourage ethical decision-making and social responsibility in an increasingly technological, multicultural and globalized world.

Vision: The School of Communication has two visions:

  • A recognized leader in quality education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and creates professionals who can function effectively in a rapidly changing communication field.
  • The School of Communication is known for its quality and rigorous programs, creativity and innovative teaching and learning practices, and ethical as well as innovative professionals who excel in the diverse and technologically advancing communication industry.

Values: The School of Communication is founded on the following values: integration of theory and practice, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and learning strategies, mentoring students for professional preparedness, prepare graduates who are ethical and intellectually aware of the technological advancements in the communication industry.

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