Alumni Benefits and Activities


United States International University - Africa values the lifelong relationship we have with our over 19,000 alumni. As an alumnus/a of USIU- Africa you are automatically a member of our Alumni Association. We are proud to offer all our members a wide range of exclusive benefits, and we encourage you to take advantage of these Alumni Association services.

Library Services
Alumni Library Services

Many graduates find that after completing their university studies they still need access to the library for information relating to their jobs, roles in the community or for areas of interest. USIU graduates may continue to borrow material and remotely access certain databases once their course studies are complete. As an alumna, you can visit the library to access library resources and services.

Alumni have the following options of joining the library:

  • an annual fee of KES. 5000 to gain borrowing rights. You will also have access to a selected range of electronic databases
  • 3 months access of KES 3000

On-line Alumni Career Services

This service provides opportunities for alumni to find careers, improve their careers, or help other United States International University graduates with their career search. Our career services section features a password-protected online, searchable listing of the latest job postings. This section is restricted to campus users, students and alumni. Our future plans are to establish a direct link between potential alumni and other employers with potential alumni employees, where employers can post new jobs openings from the comfort of their offices.
For more information call +254-730 116 796/779

Alumni e-magazine

This e-magazine is to be sent out to all registered members to keep them informed of the past, current and future alumni new and events. It will also highlight selected new developments within and beyond the campus, which may be of interest to members.Click here to view the magazine

On-line Alumni database (coming soon)

A password protected alumni database (directory) will be designed to facilitate communication amongst alumni. Each alumnus will have a profile which will contain the most recent information. One can update their profile with their current address, phone number, work address, work phone number, email address and other information. Along with our privacy policy, an alumnus will also be in a position to choose/select what items they would like to be available for other alumni to search and view.

Merchandise and Memorabilia
  • USIU-Africa T-shirts & other brand promotional materials

Continuing Education Opportunities

  • Earn your second degree from our renowned Schools
  • Executive Business Development Programs

Financial Aid

Family Tuition Waiver: This is 10% tuition waiver in recognition of parents/guardians or sponsors continuous support for USIU-Africa. Eligible applicant must have two clear nuclear family members previously been or be concurrently enrolled at USIU-Africa. Proof of blood relationship is required. The Applicant must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (at Undergraduate level) and a cummulative G.P.A of 3.0 (at graduate level). Doctoral prpgram students are not eligible.
Legatee Tuition Waiver: This is a 10% tuition waiver for children of fully paid-up members of the USIU-Africa Alumni Association. this waiver may be availed to eligible applicants upon admissions and is subject to availability of the allocated funds. The Applicants must maintain a cumulative G.P.A of 2.0 (at undergraduate level) and a cumulative G.P.A of 3.0 (at graduate level). Doctoral program students are not eligible.
Alumni Graduate Tuition Waiver: This is a 10% tuition waiver for USIU-Africa alumni who are pursuing their graduate studies at the university. Applicants must be fully paid-up members of the USIU-Africa Alumni Association prior to applying for the grant and must NOT be enrolled in doctoral programs. Beneficiaries of the grant must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and above for the continued eligibilty and are not legible for the Family Tuition waiver or the Legatee Tuition Waiver.
For more information contact or call us on 0730 116 776/745


  • Request a copy of your transcript by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Transcript Request
  • Gym access KES 1500

*Alumni Membership fee of KES 1000 is mandatory before you access any of these benefits.

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