Alumni Profile: Purity Wanjiru

By Alumni Relations Department

With over a decade of experience in human resources management, Purity is a seasoned HR leader known for driving significant organizational change, enhancing employee engagement, and leading effective training and development programs. Her expertise in aligning HR strategies with business goals fosters positive cultural transformations and creates high-performing teams. Holding an MBA from USIU-Africa (Class of 2021), a bachelor’s degree in business management, and a postgraduate diploma in HRM, Purity is deeply committed to leveraging her education and extensive international exposure across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and India to drive business success.

As the Director of People, Culture, and Talent Management at ACCUREX since September 2016, Purity has spearheaded comprehensive talent management strategies that align with and propel clients' business objectives. She is pivotal in advising senior leadership on HR matters, managing robust performance processes, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance in HR practices.

Purity is currently leading the development of PiPO, a revolutionary HR-tech SaaS solution designed to transform organizational efficiency and effectiveness through innovative, scalable HR management tools.

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