USIU-Africa hosts a delegation from Malawi for a benchmarking visit

By Laura Were

USIU-Africa hosted a delegation of 26 senior leaders from Malawi's higher education sector as part of the Transforming Higher Education Systems (THES) project learning excursion on June 10. The objective was to provide the Malawian delegates with insights into university’s e-learning system, student tracking, campus life, research, and innovations.

The event was moderated by Jennifer Nyakinya (Program Manager at the Network of Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa). It commenced with brief introductions, followed by an overview on the THES Project by Cait Goddard (Innovative and Entrepreneurship Coordinator at THES) explaining that the project will support Malawi’s higher education system to expand the nations skilled and employable workforce, spur economic prosperity and self-reliance.

The USIU-A team giving presentations on various aspects of the university's operations which began with a brief of the university. Dr. Machoka (Director, USIU-Africa online) gave a presentation on the open and distance e-learning systems. Dr. Ruth Mwai (University Registrar) explained on the student tracking and data management while Dr. Victor Boiyo (DVC, Student Life) presented on the student support and protection systems. Additionally, Dr. Patrick Wamuyu shared insights on the commercialization of university-led research.

To enhance their understanding, the Malawian delegates were taken on a campus tour, allowing them to experience the facilities and environment firsthand. The visit aimed to provide the delegates with valuable knowledge and inspiration to adapt and apply innovative approaches within their own higher education institutions in Malawi.

Through this event, USIU-A and the Malawi THES Project fostered cross-border learning and cooperation, contributing to the advancement of higher education systems.

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