The Placement and Career Services Department hosts the JoyRide Podcast campus tour edition in partnership with CeraVe

By AnnSalome Njehia

In a move to highlight the latest tech and trends shaping the creative economy, the Placement and Career Services Department (PACs) organized the JoyRide Podcast campus tour edition on June 6. The event, which took place at the auditorium, brought together students, industry experts, and creative enthusiasts to explore the world of creative careers and the digital space.

JoyRide Podcast hosts, BenCyco and Wanjiru Njiru who have been in the creative space for a decade now, shared their individual journeys and how they have evolved over the years, with Wanjiru transitioning from being a lifestyle YouTuber to a Podcaster, and Ben starting in music before becoming a podcaster as well.

The hosts also interviewed Mariah from the Miccheque podcast about her journey into content creation. Mariah traced her passion for journalism back to writing gossip columns on manila papers in high school, despite getting into trouble for it. She emphasized the importance of being consistent with your art as a creative and positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities.

The students got an opportunity to interact and sample skincare products from CeraVe, and later listened to a dermatologist from Metro Healthcare Clinic, and presentations from CeraVe who shared insights on skincare health, emphasizing the importance of getting skin condition analysis from professionals, and highlighted common dermatological conditions and procedures.

The event was a resounding success, filled with engaging discussions and a vibrant atmosphere. It provided students with valuable insights into the creative economy, skincare health, and the importance of building a community as a content creator. The event also highlighted the role of PACs in supporting students' career aspirations and fostering their growth in the creative and digital spaces.

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