The Alumni Relations Department holds training on building alumni community and impact networks

By Shalom Akalu

From June 4-5, 2024, the Alumni Relations Department, in collaboration with inHive Global and the Mastercard Foundation, conducted a two-day comprehensive training session. The session aimed to equip not only the Department but also other key Departments, including the Counseling Center, Student Affairs, Fundraising and External Relations, the Center for Executive Education (CEE), and Partnership and External Linkages, which interact with USIU-Africa's esteemed alumni in various capacities with the tools and strategies needed to improve alumni interaction and participation with the tools and strategies needed to enhance alumni interaction and participation.

During the comprehensive full-day training with inHive Global, various Departments delved into strategies to enhance their collaboration with the Alumni Department, aiming to provide a comprehensive service to the esteemed alumni community. They discussed the significance of fostering inclusivity within alumni networks, ensuring broad participation and representation. Moreover, they also emphasized on empowering partner Departments to effectively manage and cultivate their alumni networks sustainably. By focusing on both strengths and areas for growth, the Alumni Relations Department, alongside alumni and other participating Departments, are now better equipped to offer enhanced assistance to the vibrant alumni community. This effort underscores a commitment to nurturing enduring relationships with alumni, which fosters their growth and contribution to their alma mater.

On the second day, alumni from different professional backgrounds, industries, and graduation years gathered to discuss strategies for alumni engagement, challenges with the current framework, and possible solutions to overcome the gaps. These solutions, designed by the alumni themselves, ensured that they are grounded in real-world challenges and can be efficiently implemented, ultimately fostering a more supportive and informed alumni community. Following the training, alumni departed with a sense of optimism that future collaboration between themselves, the USIU-Africa Alumni Association, and the Alumni Relations Department will be significantly stronger and guided by a common set of goals.

The Alumni Relations Department is steadfast in its mission to continually enhance the services offered to alumni, and this training session is a testament to this commitment. The office aims to keep the alumni community engaged through mentorship programs, job placements, guest lectures, and skill development courses tailored to meet their specific needs and the demands of today’s job market. The session successfully provided strategies to improve the alumni experience, focusing on strengths and areas for development. This initiative highlights USIU-Africa's dedication to fostering lasting relationships with alumni, ensuring they thrive and contribute to the university community and beyond.

inHive Global, a UK-based organization, brought a wealth of experience from their work with a diverse array of organizations worldwide, such as Health Poverty Action, Mastercard Foundation, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and Windle International. Their expertise lies in developing strategies to strengthen and expand existing networks by evaluating current methodologies and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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