Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program e-Learning Initiative holds fourth content development workshop

By Brenda Odhiambo

Building on the success of previous workshops, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program e-Learning Initiative hosted the fourth Content Development Workshop on Monday, May 27, at Lemaiyan Suites in Naivasha. The five-day workshop facilitated by USIU-Africa Online Department will enable the subject matter experts to develop complete Course Map document(s) for all the allocated courses, put together all course assets into the Course Assets Collection Folders and prepare a Work Plan for course development processes after the workshop.

Overall, it will equip faculty members with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop high-quality and inclusive online courses scheduled to be launched in the 2024 Fall semester. The workshop brought together 21 faculty members from various academic disciplines, including Communication, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Pharmacy, and General Education. The interactive sessions led by instructional designers, covered essential topics including effective online learning pedagogy, engaging content creation strategies, assessment and evaluation techniques in online learning, among others.

Reflecting on the workshop’s goals, the Director, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program e-Learning Initiative, Ms. Everlyn Anyal underscored the importance of the work being done by the faculty. "The pandemic accelerated the need for innovative online learning experiences, prompting institutions to rethink their teaching methods and make online learning a truly learner-led experience. USIU-Africa has taken up this challenge, and is now on track to become one of the few universities on the continent with fully accredited online programs across various disciplines,” she said.

“By participating in this workshop, our faculty are equipped with valuable insights and practical skills to translate their expertise into compelling online learning experiences. This, in turn, contributes to USIU-Africa’s overall goal of expanding access of its high-quality education to new categories of students including those in far geographical areas, those living with disabilities, the displaced and in new fields relevant to today’s workplace and societal needs,” she added.

Her sentiments were echoed by Dr. Philip Machoka, USIU-Africa’s Online Director, who noted that the workshops were a demonstration of the commitment by the university to provide its students with a well-rounded educational experience that leverages the power of technology, while ensuring that its faculty were effective online educators, preparing students to thrive in the dynamic world of online learning.

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