Mastering the art of personal branding with Hannah Githuki

By Edina Gabriella Ngalasa

On May 16, the Placement and Career Services Department hosted a highly insightful and transformative Personal Branding workshop. The event featured Hannah Githuki, a renowned Personal Branding Coach and Head of Training at Insideout Development, who shared her expertise and personal journey with an eager audience of students.

The workshop commenced with a unique and engaging activity that set the tone for the enlightening session. Participants were asked to draw a few items on a piece of paper with their eyes closed, a deceptively simple task that carried a profound message. As the activity concluded, Hannah Githuki highlighted its significance: "When your eyes are closed, it is hard to see the opportunities and where you are going." This analogy served as a powerful reminder for students about the importance of awareness and vision in personal and professional development.

Throughout the workshop, Hannah emphasized the necessity for students to take responsibility for their lives, especially amidst the freedom experienced on campus. She urged attendees to actively seek and capitalize on the numerous opportunities available during their academic journey, underscoring the fleeting nature of university life and the importance of proactive engagement.

Drawing from her own experiences, Hannah candidly shared her story as a freshman at the United States International University-Africa. She recounted the challenges she faced, particularly in securing employment to fund her tuition, given her older age compared to her peers. Despite facing setbacks, Hannah's resilience shone through as she approached the Placement and Career Services Department for assistance. Her determination paid off when she secured a job at MultiChoice, initially low-paying but quickly offering better remuneration due to her passionate work ethic. Hannah's personal anecdote served as a testament to the rewards of dedication and hard work.

In the core segment of the workshop, Hannah provided valuable coaching on personal branding. She stressed the importance of self-awareness as the foundation of a strong personal brand. Students were encouraged to start by understanding who they are, their mission, and their unique calling. This introspection, she emphasized, is crucial in crafting a brand that is authentic and resonant.

Hannah concluded the workshop by outlining the characteristics of a good brand, emphasizing clarity, consistency, and authenticity as key elements. She noted that a strong personal brand is not just about external perception but about staying true to one's values and mission.

The workshop was a profound experience for all attendees. Her insights and personal anecdotes provided a compelling narrative on the importance of vision, responsibility, and intentionality in personal and professional growth. Students left the workshop inspired and equipped with practical strategies to build and enhance their personal brands, ready to seize the opportunities that come their way in their academic and professional journeys.

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