The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa kicks off pre-university orientation program for Cohort 8 Scholars

On Monday, April 15, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa has kicked off a two-week pre-university orientation program for 61 Scholars in Cohort 8 who have joined the university in readiness for their studies commencing this Summer semester, 2024.

The pre-orientation, which will be held over two weeks, is a crucial component of the Scholars' onboarding process, designed to equip them with the essential skills and resources for a successful transition into university life. Additionally, it offers the Scholars an opportunity to connect as a cohort and build a strong support network before classes begin.

The pre-university orientation is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Mastercard Foundation Scholars, providing them with a solid foundation to navigate the academic rigors and challenges of university education. From transformative leadership to language assessment and support, Scholars will engage in a diverse range of activities aimed at enhancing their competencies and fostering their personal and academic growth.

In her remarks, the Program Director, Linet Aguko congratulated the Scholars for making it into the Program, noting that it was an opportunity for them to become transformative leaders with a responsibility to give back to their communities.

“As Mastercard Foundation Scholars, you are now in a position that allows you to give back to your communities and become actors of change. By cultivating a strong commitment to your studies and a sense of responsibility, we have no doubt that each of you will reach your full potential and become impactful members of your communities,” she said.

The two-week program will cover a wide range of topics, including academic success strategies, time management, financial literacy, and navigating campus resources. Scholars will also participate in team-building activities and cultural immersion experiences to foster a sense of belonging and community.

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