Alumni Relations Department and AAR Healthcare Kenya hold the third edition of the CEO roundtable

By Duncan Thumbi

On Friday, March 15, the USIU-Africa Alumni Relations Department, headed by Mr. Michael Kisilu and a group of fifteen students visited the AAR Healthcare Kenya Limited Headquarters in Nairobi. The visit was under a long-term program by the Department called ‘The CEO Roundtable’ which gives continuing students an opportunity to visit, network and learn from Chief Executive Officers and senior managers of corporations who have one thing in common – they are alumni of USIU-Africa. This marked the third of such visits; the previous two being, a visit to the Kenyan Parliament and the Nairobi Securities Exchange PLC.

The visit was courtesy of the General Manager, AAR Healthcare Kenya Limited, Elizabeth Wasunna, who is an alumnus of USIU-Africa, having graduated with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. In her presentation to the students, she shared her story and her journey from University to her current position. “It is important to build one’s brand right from university and through life, be reliable and a person of your word, and passionately work hard at everything you do,” she said.

Thereafter, the General Manager invited Dr. Mburu to introduce the students to the Clinical Operations of AAR Healthcare – Doctor/ Pharmacy/ Lab/ Nursing who gave the students insights on the major services offered by the corporation. This was followed by a walk to the clinic, and ambulance to learn first-hand how they operate. The experience was rich in knowledge, provided lessons and excitement for the students.

Finally, the day was concluded by a networking session during lunch, courtesy of the General Manager, Elizabeth Wasunna. Thanks to the Alumni Relations Department, led by Mr. Michael Kisilu, students have been inspired, mentored, motivated, as well as received internship opportunities from these visits under the continuous CEO roundtable program. It is encouraging to know how positively impactful the USIU-Africa Alumni network is; when its potential is fully utilized for the benefit of the continuing students.

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