Bridging the leadership gaps: The role of women leaders

By the Gender Equity and Protection Department and Alumni Relations Department
A collaborative effort between the USIU-Africa Alumni Relations Department, the Gender Equity and Protection Office, and the SheLeads project culminated in an impactful webinar titled "Bridging the Leadership Gaps: The Role of Women Leaders." Held on February 22, the webinar sparked enlightening discussions and empowered participants to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by women in leadership positions. Moderated by Ms. Hannah Moturi, a Gender and Development Specialist, the session featured esteemed panelists including Ms. Lucy Wairimu-Founder and CEO, True North Kenya, Ms. Hannah Gichuki- Corporate Business Trainer, Coach and Speaker, Ms. Sharon Cheramboss- Director of Policy and Partnerships, Bridge International Academics, Dr. Caroline Wanjiku Munene-Maxwell Certified Leadership trainer, Coach and Speaker, and Ms. Elizabeth Wassuna- Certified Career Coach, International Coaching Federation.

Throughout the session, attendees from diverse backgrounds engaged in insightful presentations and interactive panel discussions. Keynote speakers emphasized the significance of empowering women to assume leadership roles, highlighting their potential to drive positive change and foster inclusive growth. Panelists shared personal experiences and success stories, inspiring participants to advocate for gender equality and create supportive environments for women leaders.

Furthermore, the webinar provided a valuable platform for networking and collaboration, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about promoting gender equity in leadership. Attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to exchange ideas, share resources, and form alliances to advance women's leadership initiatives.

In conclusion, the webinar served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and action towards achieving gender parity in leadership. As participants continue to reflect on the insights gained and implement actionable strategies in their respective spheres, it is expected that the ripple effects of the session are poised to make a lasting impact across communities and organizations while enhancing thoughts on involvement, challenging stereotypes related.

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