USIU-Africa Culture Week 2024 culminates in a spectacular gala

By Lydia Masabarakiza

USIU-Africa brought its highly anticipated Culture Week 2024 to a close with a dazzling gala evening, uniting a tapestry of cultures under the theme ‘Global Fusion Fiesta: A Celebration of Cultural Harmony.’

The gala evening held on March 7, marked the conclusion of the four-day Culture Week, designed to celebrate diversity and foster cultural integration. The event drew over 3,000 attendees, including students, faculty, and distinguished guests from various embassies and organizations.

The gala evening also featured captivating performances from various cultural groups, live music, and a multicultural fashion show that showcased the diversity of traditional attire from around the world.

The highlight of the gala evening was the acknowledgment of outstanding contributors in different categories, showcasing the remarkable talent and cultural richness within the USIU-Africa community. The cultural performance of the night award was presented to the Kenyan community, South Sudan & Sudan community won the best cultural exhibition booth, while the best cuisine award went to the Indian community. The best small community was awarded to Sierra Leone while Ghana won the best research paper. The winner of the USIU-Africa World Cup was Somalia.

Addressing the audience, Dean of Students, Mr. Ronald Kimani expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and active participation of the university community. He emphasized the importance of celebrating diversity and fostering cultural understanding within the campus.

The success of the Culture Week 2024 gala evening reflects the university's commitment to creating an inclusive and culturally vibrant community. As the event concluded, attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the USIU-Africa family. The memories of this extraordinary evening will undoubtedly resonate throughout the campus, fostering a sense of unity and pride in the diverse heritage shared by the university community.

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