USIU-Africa Business Club and County Pension Fund Financial Services hold financial literacy talk

By Whitney Akinyi
The County Pension Fund (CPF) Financial Services in partnership with the USIU-Africa Business Club held a financial literacy talk on Thursday, February 29, focusing on the vital topic of youth engagement with the saving culture. CPF Group have rolled out a premium pension plan product targeting people who have been left out by traditional forms of pensions schemes. These are mainly the youth between the ages of 18 to 35, the unemployed, and those in the informal sectors of employment who are looking for a flexible way of saving.

Dubbed Linda Kesho, the Individual Pension Plan is a voluntary individual savings plan that is open to young individuals encouraging them to save regardless of income or age. Linda Kesho signifies not just a conversation but a movement towards empowering the youth to secure their financial futures through proactive engagement with pension services.

The session ignited insightful discussions surrounding the importance of financial planning, particularly in the context of youth and pension. Members actively engaged in exploring innovative strategies to bridge the gap between young individuals and pension schemes, with a specific emphasis on leveraging the offerings of CPF Financial Services.

This engaging conversation served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration on the intersection of youth, pension, and financial empowerment. The collective commitment to driving positive change underscored the club's dedication to advancing socio-economic development and fostering a culture of financial responsibility among today's youth.

The club looks forward to further engagement and collaboration with stakeholders to realize the vision of a financially inclusive and empowered youth population.

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