Strengthening community ties: The Kasarani neighborhood stakeholders engagement assembly on security

By Christine Kamala

In a bid to foster community safety and enhance collaboration, a pivotal security engagement meeting took place on Thursday, February 22. The event, which was organized by a dedicated team of stakeholders, saw a significant turnout of participants from the vibrant Kasarani neighborhood including shopping malls, schools, universities, hostels, hotels, transport, religious institutions, private security firms, community leaders and law enforcement.

The gathering, the first in the year 2024 quarter, provided a platform for a comprehensive update on prevailing security challenges within the Kasarani area. Through Mr. James Lelesara, the Security Manager from ICIPE, attendees were briefed on ongoing and potential threats, reinforcing the need for a united front against crime. Initiatives such as neighborhood watch programs, community patrols, and enhanced communication networks were applauded as successful ongoing steps towards bolstering security.

Mr. James Nzomo, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit Commander, Kasarani Sub County emphasized the importance of community involvement and shared responsibility. He acknowledged the strength of community unity and the commitment of Kasarani stakeholders to actively contribute to the well-being of their neighborhood. By working hand-in-hand with local authorities, community leaders, and law enforcement, the event demonstrated the power of collaboration in creating a safer living environment for all.

During the engaging session, participants actively contributed ideas for future endeavors aimed at ensuring the safety of Kasarani residents. The consensus was to organize a public lecture in the month of May, that would serve as an awareness creation platform, educating constituents on the importance of collective security efforts. This educational initiative is anticipated to empower community members with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate and respond to security concerns effectively. This forthcoming event aims to bring together various constituents, providing them with valuable insights into security challenges, prevention strategies, and the importance of a collective approach.

Stay tuned for updates on this vital community-driven initiative as Kasarani residents continue to unite for a safer and more resilient neighborhood.

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