The Counselling Centre holds Open Week

By Counseling Department

The Counseling Department’s mandate is to provide comprehensive, quality, sustainable, preventive, supportive, and curative psychological services to the university community with a variety of personal, academic, social, and emotional concerns that could affect their ability to function at their optimum. The Department collaborated with the Counseling Center’s Open Week committee and the Peer Educators and Counselors Club (PECC) in organizing a two-day event on February 13 & 14 to create awareness to the community about the services it offers. The main objective of the event was to demystify stigma surrounding mental health in order to increase the number of people seeking counseling services to mitigate, manage and restore individual’s mental well-being.

This event attracted more than 300 people who came to engage in the activities that were being offered such as numerous personality and self-awareness tests, love languages tests for both singles and couples, temperament tests, attachment styles, time management test etc. The event organized de-stress fun games such as what do you meme, connect, scrabble, chess & checkers and art therapy. This two-day event was successful since the community gave positive feedback of how thrilled they were to have participated in the different assessments and de-stress activities available at the tents. During the event, besides encouraging partners to shower their partners with love, there was a lot of emphasis on self-love and self-care among singles and even those in relationships.

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