The Alumni Relations Department convenes CEO roundtable at Wowzi Technologies

By Shyat Lemoshira

USIU-Africa students recently gained valuable insights into the burgeoning creator economy during an insightful CEO Roundtable hosted by Wowzi Technologies. This interactive session, part of the university's ongoing alumni engagement initiative, allowed students to learn firsthand from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

Wowzi, a leading African technology platform, connects creative individuals with brands and agencies, fostering job creation and income generation across the continent. The roundtable featured three prominent figures: Dr. Hassan Bashir, the Chairman of the Board of Wowzi, Brian Mogeni, CEO, Mike Otieno, President, and Maina Mwangi, Head of Commercial Unit, all alumni of USIU-Africa.

The discussion delved into various aspects of building a successful startup in the dynamic creator economy. Mogeni and his team shared their journey, from the initial idea sparked during the pandemic to Wowzi's impressive growth, expanding exponentially in 2021 and on track for continued success. Students were captivated by their ability to attract renowned brands like Netflix and Coca-Cola through captivating presentations and strategic partnerships.

One key takeaway for students was the importance of leveraging technology to reach a wider audience and connect creators with clients seamlessly. Wowzi's platform demonstrates the power of digital solutions in driving growth and creating opportunities across geographical boundaries.

Beyond technical aspects, the discussion highlighted the importance of passion and perseverance in the entrepreneurial journey. Mogeni and his team emphasized the value of turning passion into profit and transforming talents into sustainable businesses. The story of a content creator who benefited from Wowzi's platform to collaborate with Coca-Cola on a popular marketing campaign resonated deeply with students, showcasing the platform's real-world impact.

The event also fostered a sense of collaboration between the company and the university. Michael Kisilu, Principal Alumni Officer, and Christine Nyzoka, USIU-Africa Internship Coordinator, expressed their appreciation for Wowzi's commitment to engaging with students through internships and career talks. This collaboration opens doors for practical learning and career development opportunities, bridging the gap between academics and the professional world.

In conclusion, the Roundtable served as a valuable learning experience for USIU-Africa students. By providing insights into the creator economy, the challenges and triumphs of building a successful startup, and the power of collaboration, the event empowered students to envision their own entrepreneurial journeys and utilize their education to create positive impact in the world.

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