PUBLIC NOTICE - Recruitment and Selection Criteria for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa

USIU-Africa has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program since July 2020. This initiative envisions a transformative network of young people and institutions driving inclusive and equitable socio- economic change in Africa. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa provides full-cost scholarships to young Africans who are first-time undergraduate degree-seeking applicants.

By the completion of their studies, Scholars will be required to lead changes in their communities and contribute to meaningful transformation across the continent, having been equipped with internationally recognized and locally applicable qualifications. The scholarship targets young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are either young men, young women, refugee/displaced youth and youth with disability from across Africa.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Economic Disadvantage: Applicants facing socio-economic barriers (economic, displacement, disability or gender constraints).
  2. Academic talent: Applicants must value learning and have a personal motivation to complete their education. They must meet the minimum university entry grade of a C+ and above or its equivalent as set by the Kenya Commission for University Education. Applicants interested in courses in the school of Pharmacy and Health sciences must have a mean grade of B- or its equivalent and at least a C+ or B- in the cluster subjects of English, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. International applicants must meet the equivalent.
  3. Leadership potential: Scholars must show commitment to becoming change makers, role models and mentors who embrace ethical and transformative leadership.
  4. Commitment to giving back: Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to improving their communities through previous and/or past engagements with community outreach activities.

Additionally, applicants to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa must:
5. Be 29 years old at the time of application. The age limit for refugees/ displaced youth and youth with disability is 32 years.
6. Must be a first-time undergraduate degree-seeking applicant.
7. Must be interested in any of the approved 13 undergraduate degree programs for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa.

  • School of Science and Technology (SST)Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology; Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics, Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  • School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (SPHS) - Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics;
  • School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts (SCCCA)Bachelor of Arts in Animation, Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing;
  • Chandaria School of Business Administration (CSOB) - Bachelor of Science in Finance, Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Accounting;
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) - Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

More information about the above highlighted degree programs can be found here: undergraduate-programs

For any inquiry or further clarification, please contact the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Team at USIU-Africa on or by calling +254 730 116 218 /500 /303 /521 /107 /148.

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