C) Guidelines for Documenting University Research Center Annual Reports

At the end of it all, the Center must be able to document its performance relative to some established benchmarks as spelt out in its objectives section above. The reports should show respective performance trends along with specific units to be measured:

Performance Trends

In a Center's initial annual report, a listing of quantitative benchmarks should be accompanied by retrospective tables providing historical performance. In subsequent annual reports, the Center's current year performance with respect to its quantitative benchmarks should be added to the data compiled for prior years. These data should among others, at the least show trends with respect to:

a) Changes from prior year. An assessment of changes from the prior year in the Center's status with regard to the basic characteristics of a successful University Research Center as outlined above.

b) Progress. This constitutes a summary of progress toward the objectives cited in the prior year's annual report.

a) Publications. A listing of publications that are a part of the Center's programs.

b) Awards and proposals. A summary of the Center's research awards and proposals (these data can be provided by the Office of Research and Program Development, Institutional Research or similar other offices in the University).