A Heartfelt Affair: EYO Valentine's Market Fest blossoms with love

By Christine Kamala

This week, the campus came alive with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. The community witnessed a spectacular celebration of love and community spirit at the Educate Your Own (EYO) Valentine's Market Fest. The 2-day event on February 13-14, featured a delightful blend of student and external vendors, brought together on campus grounds in a vibrant showcase of talent, creativity, and appreciation.

The Market Fest planned with the objectives to create awareness about the initiative, recruit volunteers and appreciate donors showcased the entrepreneurial spirit with a total of 16 vendors, including 14 talented student entrepreneurs and two external vendors. From handmade crafts and personalized gifts to scrumptious treats, the market was a one-stop destination for unique Valentine's Day finds.

In a remarkable collaboration, EYO partnered with Red Bull to add an extra touch of energy and excitement to the event. On Valentine’s Day, the highlight of the Fest, student volunteers joined forces to spread love across the campus. In a heartwarming gesture, they surprised on-campus donors, including staff, faculty, and students, with flowers and a can of Red Bull. The unexpected tokens of appreciation created a buzz of positivity and gratitude throughout campus.

The event not only provided a platform for budding entrepreneurs but also showcased the compassionate side of the university stakeholders. The Director, University Advancement and Partnerships spearheading the Management Board support committed to donate Kshs. 10,000 towards the scholarship kitty.

"I loved being part of this event! It's amazing to see the campus come together in such a festive spirit. The Red Bull surprise was such a thoughtful touch," shared Esther Waithera, a senior in Information Systems Technology.

The success of the EYO Valentine's market fest has set a positive tone for future events. Student volunteers are already planning for upcoming initiative that celebrate both the talents of the student body and the sense of unity to give back within the campus community.

As the week concludes, the echoes of laughter, vibrant stalls, and the sweet fragrance of flowers linger on, reminding the campus of the love and camaraderie that defines the spirit of EYO.

Stay tuned for more exciting campus events, and let the love, creativity and spirit of giving continue to flourish!

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