Operational Structure

To achieve the above objectives, the URC must purposely organize its operational structure strategically through a strong leadership system, an entrepreneurial approach and a collaborative spirit.

a) Leadership. The URC should be visionary and entrepreneurial and show leadership by successfully achieving strong collaborations and funding. The Center should have a board or team of external and/or internal advisors to provide strategic guidance and oversight. Its coordinator should actively seek out advisory board members who can and will provide guidance and oversight to the Center.

b) Entrepreneurial Approach. The Center should be able to attract and retain entrepreneurial researchers, including staff members and student interns who are heavily supported by Center funds generated from grants.

c) Collaborative Spirit. To achieve its research objectives, the Center should promote strong collaborations among members, with other USIU-Africa units, and with other academic institutions, industry, the community, and government. Internally, a URC should have significant faculty involvement in each of its various programs. The disciplinary diversity of faculty is as important as the number. The Center should also be interdisciplinary drawing researchers from multiple disciplines, programs, and schools. Thus, there should be active collaboration, and not just mutual coexistence, in the execution of the Center's programs.