Mastercard Foundation Scholars at USIU-Africa gain crucial CV tailoring skills in virtual workshop

By Dolly Mwiti

On Friday, January 26, 175 Scholars in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa took part in a virtual workshop titled ‘Tailoring a CV to a Job Position’. The workshop, led by Sidoine Felix M. Leudjie, Program Associate at the African Leadership Academy, along with other experts from the African Careers Network team, Wilfrid Ahouansou & Camille Bastien. The session was designed to equip participants with invaluable skills to optimize their professional profiles.

Throughout the engaging session, the Scholars were immersed in insightful discussions aimed at achieving key objectives. From understanding the true purpose of a CV to crafting compelling content tailored to specific job positions, and mastering the art of review and improvement, they gained practical insights crucial for standing out in today's competitive job market.

The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing newfound confidence in articulating their acquired skills. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of CV tailoring, the Scholars are now better equipped to navigate the job market successfully by presenting tailored CVs that resonate with potential employers.

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