Cultural Resonance: USIU-Africa celebrates Black History Month

By Daisy Atino
Every year, in the month of February, the USIU-Africa community celebrates Black History Month and engages in activities that foster unity, the appreciation of black achievements and expression of pride in Black origins and identities. This year’s theme was ‘Africans, Black Identity and the Art; celebrating black culture, arts, traditions, heritage and the diversity within Africa and the African diaspora’.

Through such celebrations, the young and old alike learn from one another and are able to reflect on the achievements of black people in America and across the world and they discuss how they can contribute to the growth of Pan-Africanism.

Prof. Martin Njoroge, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences provided welcoming remarks, setting the tone for the event followed by Dr. Dashanaba King who shared insights on African-Americans and the Arts.

A distinguished panel, moderated by Dr. Njoki Wamai, Patron USIU-Africa BHM, and panelists Ms. Cynthia Kinyua, a USIU-Africa alumni and member of Graffiti Girls Kenya, Prof. Bukenya, a poet, writer, and academic; Dr. Ann Mwiti, a visual artist and fine art academic at Kenyatta University; and Prof. Ntaragwi, a cultural anthropologist and hip-hop scholar delved into discussions about the theme.

The event also featured a speech and musical performance from chief guest, Juliani, a renowned hip-hop artist, songwriter, and urban poet, musical performances from USIU-Africa students and the Matwana Culture Campus Show with Brian Wanyama.

Celebrating Black History Month is a crucial opportunity to recognize and honor the resilience, achievements, and contributions of the black community throughout history. By fostering unity, appreciation, and pride in Black origins and identities, the celebration promotes cultural awareness and inclusivity. It also serves as a platform for dialogue, learning, and reflection on how individuals can contribute to the growth and appreciation of Pan-Africanism.

The event concluded with a cake-cutting session and gift giving session, after which all guests were treated to lunch.

Students should look out for an array of activities centered on black history happening all month.

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