Inspiring acts of service: Michelle Kimani

By Shyat Lemoshira

Michelle Kimani participates in an event organized by ENSO. Photo: Michelle KimaniAn adoring friend, a jack of traits and a source of inspiration, Michelle Kimani’s tale on acts of service is one to be applauded.

Michelle Kimani graduated with B.A in International Relations (Magna Cum Laude) in 2023. She currently works as a Business Analyst at Open Capital. Looking through her contributions in USIU-Africa, she has embraced a variety of roles, with some of her most cherished ones including:

  • Netball Captain: Leading the team through the challenges of the post-COVID-19 era has been a gratifying journey for her. She witnessed her team’s growth and resilience which brought her immense joy.
  • Resident Assistant: It has been a true delight that Michelle Kimani cultivated lifelong friendships while transforming the USIU-Africa hostels into a home away from home.
  • Chair of the USIU-Africa Environmental Society (ENSO club): She remarks that taking on this responsibility as freshman was both daunting and exhilarating. From overseeing garbage collection to organizing tree planting activities, ENSO Week and recycling drives, she met every challenge with enthusiasm and cherished a love for every aspect of the green experience.
  • Master of ceremonies (MC) Poetry of Mind: Hosting an event by the USIU-Africa Peer Counselling Club allowed her to create a memorable and safe space for individuals to expressing their creativity and open their hearts. She expresses that it was a night filled with warmth, connection and the celebration of artistic expression.
  • Member of Educate Your Own (EYO): Being part of a dedicated group of students committed to raising funds for fellow students’ education has been incredibly fulfilling for Michelle Kimani. Witnessing the progress, she made with other EYO members during classroom rounds has been source of pride for her and EYO.

Given the above, Michelle Kimani has most likely participated in most USIU-Africa's student events since 2018. She asserts “I fell in love with the vibrant spirit of USIU-Africa from the moment I joined, discovering not only more about myself but also acquiring invaluable lifelong skills along the way.”

Michelle Kimani honed her public speaking and presenting skills by successfully hosting events like the Kotex She CAN and EYO pitches. Aside from being a versatile and creative leader and volunteer in student activities, she is also proficient academically. She demonstrated her dedication to academic excellence by regularly being on the Dean's List throughout her time at university. Furthermore, Michelle Kimani embraced a fearless mindset because she believes in taking on challenges without overthinking qualifications or requirements. Working with people can be challenging; however, she realized that the more she engaged, the more she learned about others and herself, as well as the value of togetherness. Recalling her achievements and lessons learnt, she provides this encouraging statement “Just go for it and discover your capabilities.”

Amidst the challenges brought by COVID-19 when education faced unprecedented interruptions, Michelle Kimani found solace in the supportive community at USIU-Africa. She recounts how the USIU-Africa Counselling Center became a guiding light through her darkest times. She also appreciates her friends and family who kept her joy and hope alive. Michelle Kimani’s lecturers played a pivotal role in her academic growth by challenging her daily in taking further initiative in her academic and co-curricular activities.

“Embarking on her journey in the university was anything but a walk in the park,” Michelle Kimani states. She had a clear goal in mind to embrace a well-rounded and fulfilled existence by excelling in academics while cultivating a vibrant extra-curricular and social life. She advises those who are beginning or navigating the university experience to cherish their time not only through the lens of academics but also by challenging themselves to explore new horizons. She reiterates “Join a club, audition for something you’ve never tried before, prepare for exams in advance, participate in sports and make sure your presence is felt and take advantage of every opportunity. Trust me, if you approach with a mindset of balance and growth, the world will open to you like an oyster. Enjoy the journey!”

Michelle Kimani is open to the ongoing process of learning and unlearning as she continues to grow as a change-maker with endless potential. As a former student leader in sports, clubs and in the USIU-Africa hostels, I am a witness to her unwavering drive to ameliorate herself and those around her environment and working with others.

With her sheer determination and creative innovation, she is poised to continue her story of impact on the world.

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