Welcome newbies: A unique experience awaits freshmen

By Leslie Kashando

Freshmen bash is not only a welcome party for now students but also an opportunity for continuing students to meet their juniors and introduce them to the different extracurricular activities that the university offers. For me, it is a chance to continuously enjoy an event COVID-19 stopped me from enjoying.

Continuing students successfully created an environment that encouraged socialization, breaking the ice among freshmen and promoting a sense of belonging. I hope we did well enough to inspire the new students to involve themselves into organizing an even better freshmen bash for future students.

One commendable aspect of the event was the variety of inclusive activities offered. From icebreaker games to dance-offs, continuing students ensured there was something for everyone. I was more than impressed by how outgoing and talented some of the freshmen were. It was fun to watch them party and have a good time. It was refreshing to exchange with freshmen while they were signing up for clubs and sports, they brought with them a kind of enthusiasm that made me feel like I was one of them, not an aging senior.

The freshmen bash proved to be a success, achieving its goal of creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for new students. The organizing committee's attention to detail, diverse activities, and commitment was commendable and the food was great. I look forward to seeing how the new students navigate through their years at USIU-Africa and I hope they enjoy their time here as much as I do.

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