The Rwandan community visit Happy Life Homes for an outreach session

By Claude Tuyisenge

The Rwandan community at USIU-Africa, led by Claude Tuyisenge, Sophomore (International Business Administration major) and Prince Shema, Senior (Applied Computer Technology major) embarked on a semester-long series of activities, culminating in a heartfelt outreach program aimed at supporting the Happy Life Homes, a haven for abandoned children on Lumumba Drive. These efforts were a testament to the community's dedication to impactful engagement beyond the campus. The initiative sprang from within the community itself, buoyed by overwhelming support from its members. Financial contributions, organizational assistance, and robust mobilization efforts formed the backbone of this endeavor. The collective enthusiasm and unity within the community propelled the initiative forward, emphasizing their commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Following a month-long fundraising campaign, the community eagerly prepared for their visit to Happy Life Homes. Arriving promptly at 3 p.m., they delved into a range of activities designed to lend a helping hand to the children's home. From food preparation to cleaning and engaging in various nurturing tasks, the Rwandan community showcased their dedication and readiness to directly impact the lives of the children. This hands-on approach facilitated interpersonal interactions, allowing the community members to learn about the children's individual stories, experiences, and the challenges they faced. Engaging with the children was an eye-opening experience that underscored the need for continuous support and care for these vulnerable members of society.

The immersive experience at Happy Life Homes left a profound impact on the Rwandan community at USIU-Africa. Understanding the children's backgrounds, their daily lives, and the love they earnestly seek highlighted the importance of advocacy and awareness within the broader community. Motivated by compassion and a newfound understanding, the community resolved to continue championing initiatives that benefit underprivileged individuals. This commitment reflects their unwavering dedication to fostering a more compassionate and supportive society, where every member, especially the most vulnerable, receives the love, care, and attention they deserve.

The team was grateful to USIU-Africa for their community service initiatives and especially the Community Service Learning course (CMS 3700), which inspired the students to participate in the outreach.

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