USIU-Africa's commitment to quality education: Insights from Quality Matters Connect 2023 conference

By Philip Machoka

The Quality Matters (QM) Connect conference of 2023, held in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, from November 5-8, proved to be a dynamic and insightful gathering. Centered around the theme of ‘Milestones, Momentum, and Innovation’, the conference provided a platform for presenters to share significant milestones, discuss strategies for building momentum, and explore innovations to elevate the educational experience and advance learner success.

Dr. Machoka, the Director of e-learning at USIU-Africa Online, was among the distinguished speakers at the event. Joining him were thought leaders such as Dr. Yaping Gao, QM VP, Member Services & Global Partnership; Eliud Chemweno, Lead, e-Learning & Innovations at the Mastercard Foundation; Ho Dang Tuong Nguyen, Deputy Director QA at Ho Chi Minh City, Open University; and Dr. Fernando Senior, QM representative to the Latin America Region. They shared valuable insights into implementing QM standards within their respective institutions/regions.

He emphasized the initiatives undertaken by USIU-Africa to implement QM standards through workshops tailored to improve online and in-person courses on the Blackboard Ultra Learning Management System (LMS). These workshops are pivotal in furthering USIU-Africa's dedication to ensuring high-quality education.

During his presentation, Dr. Machoka presented testimonials from faculty members who have undergone QM training. They shared their experiences, offering firsthand insights into how the training has positively shaped their course design approaches. The training has also influenced faculty in how they view their courses from a learner’s perspective. He detailed specific enhancements being made to meet QM standards, demonstrating USIU-Africa's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional education. The presence of Dr. Deborah Adair, the Chief Executive Officer for Quality Matters, underscored this workshop's significance.

In conclusion, the QM Connect conference served as a nexus for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices in quality education. The collaboration and insights gained from this event will undoubtedly contribute to the continuous improvement of online and face-to-face courses at USIU-Africa, reflecting a broader commitment to excellence in education.

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