The Environmental Society tour Ngong Hills: Leading the charge for environmental adventure

By Jordan Ndirangu Githire

Standing amidst the rain-soaked beauty of Ngong Hills brought forth a profound sense of accomplishment. After weeks of meticulous planning and preparation, the club members had an opportunity to enjoy nature as the hiked Ngong Hills.

The resilience displayed by the team in the face of challenges, the camaraderie forged during the bus rescue mission when it got stuck in ditch, and the shared awe at the Ngong Hills majestic landscapes created a tapestry of memories that will linger in their minds for a long time. The feedback from our fellow students spoke volumes, with resounding expressions of anticipation for our next adventure.

A special note of gratitude extends to Noontlanta Tamia, whose unwavering commitment and assistance in piling rocks behind the bus in the pouring rain were instrumental. Noontlanta's dedication truly exemplified the spirit of teamwork and solidarity that defines our society. We are immensely grateful for her invaluable contribution.

The enthusiasm exuded by the members fuels the passion that drives our environmental initiatives. As we look back on this wet and wild journey, the shared joy and anticipation for future trips are a testament to the success of our collective efforts. I am proud to lead a society that not only advocates for environmental consciousness but also creates experiences that resonate with our community.

This is just the beginning, and I am eager to see our society continue to grow, evolve, and inspire positive change. Here's to more adventures, shared accomplishments, and a future filled with meaningful environmental impact.

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