Jairus Musa and Zion Mugisha crowned Mr & Ms USIU-Africa

By Joy Macharia

The Mr. and Ms. USIU-Africa finals transpired in a splendor of beauty and excitement, making it an enthralling and compelling occasion. The university community came together to watch the next generation of elegant and charismatic ambassadors crowned, and the air was thick with anticipation. The location, with its eye-catching lighting and chic furnishings, created the perfect atmosphere for a memorable evening. It was a comprehensive celebration of the various attributes that make each competitor distinct as contestants displayed not only their outward beauty but also their skills and intelligence. A procession of self-assured people, each competing for the coveted titles with grace and charm, brought the runway to life. Talent, grace, and charisma were on full display for the crowd, fostering a festive mood.

Held on November 9 at the Broad walk Mall in Parklands, the final was an incredible show that expertly merged skill and glitz. The elegant atmosphere of the location gave the celebration an air of sophistication and made the perfect background for the drama that was building throughout the evening. The organizing committee's Annabel Nyambura and Prosper Mandy in particular should be commended for their masterful orchestration of an evening that highlighted the wide range of abilities exhibited by university students. Adding to the enchantment of the event was a captivating musical performance by the talented Nviiri the Storyteller. His soulful melodies resonated with the audience, creating a magical ambiance that complemented the elegance and excitement of the evening. Nviiri's artistry brought an additional layer of entertainment and cultural richness, captivating the audience and enhancing the overall experience. His performance added a musical interlude to the night, seamlessly weaving together the diverse elements of talent, culture, and beauty that were celebrated throughout the evening. Nviiri the Storyteller's contribution undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the memories of all those in attendance, making the event a truly unforgettable celebration of talent and beauty.

The evening's schedule included a number of intriguing acts; couple walks, talent shows, and cultural performances gave the event more entertainment value and cultural depth. I found two particularly memorable moments in Zion's captivating Rwandese performance, which took the audience to a lively world of traditions, and Jairus' culturally rich presentation, which demonstrated the diversity of the USIU-Africa community. These performances honored the university's dedication to inclusiveness and cultural diversity while also showcasing the candidates' breadth of skill. With its remarkable lineup of performances and careful preparation, the event was certainly a highlight of the university's social calendar.

As worthy competitors accepted their well-deserved titles, there was much excitement and cheering at the culminating moments of the event. The 2023 title was awarded to Jairus Musa, Bsc. Finance student, Kenyan and Zion Mugisha, Bsc. IST student, Rwandese who proved to be the embodiment of charm and charisma. Primrose Magutshwa and Nixon Magembe were honored as Mr. and Ms. Congeniality respectively for their kind dispositions and valuable contributions to the occasion. Thuony Akot and Dominic Tuong earned the prestigious title of first runners-up after putting on outstanding performances all evening. The Mr. and Ms. Culture title was awarded to Anthony Maina and Kantu Michello, representing the rich legacy and variety of the USIU-Africa community.

Ray Mtoni and Loraina Karineza were crowned Mr. and Ms. Talent respectively in recognition of their exceptional abilities and riveting performances. Marvel Hadasa was given a special needs category award, which was a unique moment of acknowledgment that emphasized the inclusive nature of the occasion. With each title-holder embodying the spirit of their respective categories and making a lasting impression on the Mr & Miss USIU-Africa event, the evening ended with a feeling of accomplishment and unity

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