The Library holds various events to mark the Annual International Open Access Week

By Horace Okoth

On Monday, October 23, the Library commenced its one-week International Open Access annual celebration, aimed at highlighting the transformative impact of open access, to research and knowledge as well as celebrate, educate and advocate for the advantages of access across sectors from academia to the public.

The event’s main theme “Community over Commercialization”, encouraged conversations about the approaches to open scholarship, that prioritize the best interests of the public, and the academic community - and which do not. Additionally, the discussions captured the influence that open access has on research, education and societal advancement.

The Open Access Week 2023 featured a wide range of activities, including:

  • Sensitization: The Emerald Knowledge Ambassadors, who went around campus to sensitize the USIU-Africa community about Open Access Week.
  • Open tea session: The Library organized an open tea session for its patrons, where their knowledge about Open Access was assessed and they were taught on the topic.
  • Librarians’ competition and trivia: Librarians were tasked to collaborate with any faculty and recommend free e-books for use in their courses. The library patrons were also taken through a trivia of ten frequently asked questions about Open Access to gauge their level of awareness.
  • Breakfast seminar: There was a breakfast seminar for faculty, where three faculty members Dr. Juliana Namada, Associate Professor, Strategic Management, Dr. Ermias Terefe, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Prof. Peter Kiriri, Associate Professor of Marketing, were recognized for having the highest number of publications in Open Access. In her acceptance speech, Dr. Namada expressed her gratitude for the recognition of her contribution to the body of knowledge through Open Access.
  • Open Access awards and recognitions: To crown the week-long event, the Library celebrated individuals making a significant impact in the open access community. These included two librarians, Jackson Wamiti, and Edna Omare who successfully identified open access e-books that would support teaching and learning in some specific courses.

International Open Access Week is a global initiative. It extends an invitation for individuals from all walks of life; academics, students, librarians, researchers, policymakers and anyone who believes in the potential of access to participate actively, and have their voices heard.

In 2023, International Open Access Week continues its mission of spreading awareness about access as a pathway, to knowledge and innovation. We are encouraged to join the open access community beyond this important week of celebration and advocacy and work together to unleash the potential of knowledge and promote innovation, for a better future.

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