Placement & Career Services Department hosts inaugural career toolkit workshop

By Nzivu Briana

The Placement and Careers (PACS) Department launched its career toolkit workshop on October 26, 2023, with the inaugural session focusing on "LinkedIn for Optimal Job Searches and Career Advancement." The primary objective of this workshop was to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively harness the potential of LinkedIn for job searches and career advancement.

The series featured Melanie Hapisu as the keynote speaker. She is an esteemed alumna, the Founder & CEO of DigiPath Africa, and a recognized Digital Marketing Expert. Melanie shared her expertise in optimizing LinkedIn profiles, offering meticulous guidance and step-by-step instructions. She emphasized the importance of maintaining a professionally branded LinkedIn profile, highlighting that a well-structured profile not only enhances personal branding but also opens doors to numerous professional opportunities.

Students actively engaged with Melanie, seeking personalized advice and clarification on various aspects of LinkedIn optimization. Her approachable demeanor and willingness to support the students fostered a collaborative and growth-oriented atmosphere.

In conclusion, the LinkedIn series represents a significant stride in equipping our students with the essential skills to excel in the competitive job market. The knowledge and insights acquired during this workshop will undeniably influence our students' professional journeys as they progress in their careers.

The Placement and Career Services Department offer LinkedIn optimization services to both students and alumni. To access these services, individuals can book an appointment with the career advisors by using the following link:

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