USIU-Africa participates in the inaugural Eastern Africa University Championships

By John Sande

USIU-Africa sent a contingent of its sports teams for the inaugural 2023 Eastern Africa University Championships that were held at Makerere University grounds from October 6-9, 2023. The championship was organized by the Federation of Eastern Africa University Sports (FEAUS) mandated under the International University Sports Federation (FISU) to oversee university sports activity in the Eastern Zone. FISU is the global body responsible for the organization and governance of worldwide sports competitions for student-athletes. The championship attracted athletes from various sporting games including Basketball, Soccer, Lawn Tennis among others.

Our ladies’ team, the Flames opened up their inaugural game versus Bugema university with a scorching performance. Our ladies brought their A-game, showcasing skill, teamwork, and indomitable spirit, clinching a well-deserved 46-27 win against our formidable opponents. The energy and heat on the court was electrifying as they dribbled, passed, and sunk buzzer-beater shots to triumph.

Our ladies team replicated the exceptional performance and coordination, seamlessly passing the ball and supporting one another as they took on Makerere University Business School (MUBS) (52-48), in the second game. The chemistry among the players was palpable, a true testament to the hours of hard work and practice that went into preparing for, and perfecting the game.

In overall, the Flames scorched all their opponents to emerge winners in the final standings of the women’s basketball category. The 3-pointer shots by Neema Tayai was a display of precision, every dribble by Judith Pantaleo, a demonstration of skill. The players showcased their talent, with Divine Irakoze maneuvering through defenses and Aaliyah Havyarimana sinking baskets with finesse. The hours of dedication paid off as the team executed their plays flawlessly.

The men’s basketball team, the Tigers duplicated the ladies’ performance when they clawed Makerere University 51-30, MUBS 48-19 and University of Dodoma (UDOM) 42-37, in their initial opener games. Throughout the games, determination and grit was their ally. In their ultimate game, the team faced a formidable opponent, Bugema University who on their part, were determined to declaw and tame the Tigers. It was a battle of wills, strategy, game plan and more as the two teams clashed in the finals of the basketball men’s category. Bugema University carried the day winning the Championship in the male category.

Both the USIU-Africa Falcons and Wolves, the ladies’ and men’s soccer teams respectively had multiple matches against Makerere University. Unfortunately for both teams, their opponents overpowered them in all their respective matches and despite pouring out their passion and skill into every kick and sprint, victory eluded them.

The USIU-Africa Rugby team, the Marshalls – was also in Kampala, Uganda and engaged in a fiercely contested match with their opponents in a battle of strength, strategy, and sheer determination. The air was charged with anticipation as both teams poured their hearts into every tackle, run, and pass. Although the final score line in some of the games did not tip in our favor, the spirit and lessons learned on the field were victories in their own right.

The 3-Day event culminated with the awarding of the best teams from the Federation of Eastern Africa University Sports (FEAUS). The overall standing is:

  • Women: 1. USIU-Africa, 2. Bugema University, 3. MUBS, 4. Makerere University
  • Men: 1. Bugema University, 2. USIU-Africa, 3. Makerere University, 4. MUBS, 5. UDOM


  • Women: 1. Makerere University, 2. USIU-Africa
  • Men: 1. Makerere University, 2. USIU-Africa

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