Gender Equity and Protection Office conducts bystander training

By Racheal Ngumi

The Gender Equity and Protection Office recently conducted a crucial bystander training session on the 28 & 29 September 2023. This enlightening event witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals including Mr. Victor Odera, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) -GBV Section, Mr. Marvin Jotham from the Gender Violence Recovery Center (GVRC) as a Psychologist, and Mrs. Lucy Kungu, Head of Counseling at USIU-Africa.

The primary objective of these training sessions was to raise awareness and sensitize participants to the prevention and response to gender-based violence (GBV). During the sessions, attendees gained a deep understanding of GBV, encompassing its various forms and the significance of effective prevention and response strategies. The emphasis was on how individuals can actively contribute to the eradication of GBV within their communities.

Furthermore, the sessions delved into the severe psychological and emotional consequences/effects experienced by GBV survivors, highlighting the crucial role of support and empathy in their recovery journey. Participants were equipped with the knowledge of identifying GBV symptoms, even in their subtle or covert forms. Survivor coping strategies were discussed, underscoring the importance of providing support and care to victims.

A significant topic of discussion revolved around sexual harassment within educational institutions. The participants engaged in conversations on addressing and preventing such issues, with a strong emphasis on the importance of cultivating safe learning and working environment.

Additionally, participants were enlightened about the relevant local, national, and international laws and policies designed to prevent and address GBV which includes the Sexual Offences Act, the Penal Code, the Prevention of domestic violence Act, HIV/AIDS Act.

Key takeaways from the sessions emphasized the responsibility of all attendees to actively promote the awareness and information gained. It was stressed that they could contribute significantly to the establishment of a network of knowledgeable individuals dedicated to preventing GBV and ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of community members through the dissemination of this knowledge, thus making a meaningful impact.

The Gender Equity and Protection Office expressed its commitment to providing further information sessions on GBV, with the goal of fostering a community of practice dedicated to raising awareness and sensitization regarding GBV prevention and response. The university community was encouraged to work collectively towards creating, strengthening, and maintaining a community that fosters a safe and secure learning and working environment.

For more information, inquiries and reporting of Gender based violence including sexual harassment, please contact the Gender Equity and Protection office undersigned:

You can also reach us using the confidential advisor at +254 782 539 361, office telephone: +254 730 116 210, or physically visit the Freida Brown Student Center located on the First Floor.

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