Promoting Inclusivity: Insights from Deaf Awareness Week at USIU-Africa

By Elizabeth Wanjiku
Last week, the Office of Disability and Inclusion hosted Deaf Awareness Week, which provided a platform for stakeholders to converge and discuss pressing issues concerning the Deaf community in Kenya. This event brought together individuals committed to fostering inclusion, offering an opportunity to delve into the challenges faced by Deaf individuals and explore potential solutions.

One of the notable stakeholders who graced the event was Charlene Ruto, who emphasized the significance of education and job opportunities for the Deaf community. Ms. Ruto expressed her unwavering commitment to partnering with the Deaf community to promote equal opportunities for all. In particular, she highlighted that those who achieve above a C+ grade would have improved access to universities, paving the way for a brighter future for Deaf students.

"Deaf individuals have immense potential that remains largely untapped. By focusing on education and creating job opportunities, we can empower the Deaf community to reach their full potential," she noted.

The heart of the event was the engaging panel discussion that revolved around various aspects of the Deaf experience in Kenya. The panelists brought their unique perspectives to the table, starting with Kirinyaga nominated MCA Harrison Kariuki who took part in the discussion on the intersection of Deaf experiences and politics in Kenya. He shed light on the importance of political representation for the Deaf community, emphasizing the need for inclusivity in decision-making processes.

Ashura Michael, an advocate for the Deaf, addressed the audience on the subject of Deaf experiences and advocacy. She shared her insights into the challenges faced by the Deaf community when it comes to access and inclusion and called for collective action to effect positive change.

Peter Kabethi, an expert in the field of education, spoke about the Deaf experience in the context of education. He emphasized the need to improve educational opportunities for Deaf individuals and to remove barriers that hinder their academic progress.

Should you need further information on Disability and Inclusion at USIU-Africa, feel free to get in touch with Samson K. Rotich (, who supports and facilitates the Disability Inclusion Center. Alternatively, you can contact Elizabeth Wanjiku (, who oversees the services offered by the Disability Inclusion Office at USIU-Africa.

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