The Electoral College at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosts International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF) information session

By Brian Maoni

The Electoral College at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosted the IPSF Information Session, held last Friday was a resounding success, attracting pharmacy students from various academic years. The session featured distinguished speakers who shared invaluable insights into the pharmaceutical field and international opportunities. Here's an overview of the event:

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and introduction by the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Electoral College, setting the stage for an engaging and informative evening. The speakers took turns addressing the eager audience, sharing their personal journeys and the benefits of participating in IPSF activities.

Michele Mayuba Rachel, as the Incoming IPSF AFRO Chairperson, emphasized the significance of IPSF's mission in promoting the role of pharmacy students on the global stage. She discussed the opportunities that IPSF offers, including international conferences, educational programs, and networking events. Her motivational words inspired the students to consider active involvement in IPSF.

Moreen Ndanu Muteti, the Student Exchange Officer of KEPhSA, shared her experiences and the transformative impact of participating in student exchange programs facilitated by IPSF. She highlighted the cultural exposure, academic enrichment, and personal growth that students can gain through such exchanges.
Emish Ondieki, the IPSF Contact Person, provided practical information about IPSF's activities within the school and how students can get involved. His presentation covered upcoming events, membership benefits, and the process of joining IPSF committees.

The Q&A session that followed allowed students to seek clarification and delve deeper into the opportunities presented by IPSF. The enthusiasm in the room was palpable as students eagerly inquired about application procedures, deadlines, and the selection criteria for various IPSF subcommittees.

The session was not only informative but also served as a platform for networking and fostering connections among pharmacy students. It encouraged them to take proactive steps towards enriching their academic and professional journeys through IPSF.

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