ENSO takes part in drive to recycle plastic bottles on campus

By Jordan Ndirangu and Opiyo Faith (ENSO Club)

In the face of mounting plastic pollution, The Environmental Society has proven that small actions can make a big difference. Under the leadership of Chairperson Jordan Ndirangu Githire and Sustainable Living Officer Opiyo Blessed Faith, their recent project collected a large amount of plastic waste for recycling.

This achievement reminds us that combating plastic pollution is a collective effort. Plastic waste harms wildlife, pollutes our oceans, and threatens our environment. It's not just a government or corporate issue—it's everyone's responsibility.
Let's act together. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Say no to single-use plastics. Support initiatives like The Environmental Society's. We have the power to protect our planet for future generations. USIU Africa is committed to creating a greener campus, Are you? Join the cause!

Join the fight today.

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