International Youth Day: Youth for Global Restoration

By the Gender Equity and Protection Office

International Youth Day, observed annually on August 12, unites people from all over the world to recognize the value of youth and their contributions to society. This international event was first commemorated by the United Nations in 2000, strives to promote youth rights and aspirations while bringing attention to the opportunities and difficulties that young people confront.

Youth, generally referred to as people between the ages of 15 and 24, make up a sizeable share of the global population. There are more than 1.8 billion young people on the earth, and they are crucial in determining the course of the future. The United Nations established this day to address issues that directly affect young people, such as education, employment, mental health, climate change, and social inclusion. This was done in recognition of the potential of this group.

International Youth Day strives to draw attention to unique difficulties and potential areas of development. The year 2023 will have the theme "Youth for Global Restoration." The importance of young people in environmental preservation, conservation, and sustainable development is highlighted by this theme. It recognizes their participation in campaigns to reverse climate change, revive ecosystems, and advance a sustainable, green future for all.

Addressing Youth Unemployment
Youth unemployment remains a major problem around the world. Young adults may experience disappointment and disillusionment when they attempt to make the difficult transition from school to the workforce and as a result of the scarcity of career prospects. On this day, programs are started to support the creation of jobs for young people, urge the business sector to hire young talent, and promote youth entrepreneurship.

Youth Participation in Politics and Governance
In order to create a society that is more inclusive and democratic, young people must be actively encouraged to participate in politics and governance. Countries can gain new perspectives and creative ideas by developing an environment that encourages youth participation. On this day, youth-led movements are honored and emphasized since they have proven they can effect constructive change.

Promoting Education and Skills Development
Education is a fundamental right and an effective tool for individual development and society advancement, education. However, access to high-quality education is still a problem for millions of young people worldwide. More should be done to promote equitable and inclusive educational systems that serve all students, regardless of background. Additionally, encouraging vocational education and skill development gives young people the tools they need to succeed in a labor market that is always changing.

Mental Health and Well-being
Beyond physical health, mental health is as crucial to young people's wellbeing. Their mental health may suffer as a result of the pressures of academic success, social dynamics, and uncertain futures. International Youth Day provides a forum for eradicating stigma associated with mental health conditions, increasing knowledge of available resources, and promoting easily accessible mental health care.

International Youth Day acts as a reminder that supporting young people now will ensure a better future for all. We can build a more just, economic, and sustainable society by empowering young people, addressing their concerns, and valuing their potential as change agents. On this day, let's band together to honor the youthful spirit, inventiveness, and resilience and commit to cooperate to build a better future.

#Empowering the Youth, is Empowering the Leaders for Tomorrow
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